VoxelMap Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

Voxelmap Mod is actually a relatively old map, that dates back to a previous minimap, created by Minecraft user Zaneris. The original minimap was called ‘Zan’s Minimap’, and it was comprehensive in itself, although not highly accessible to many users. Voxelmap is simply a more advanced version of this map, in mod form, which makes it easier to share and download. The mod isn’t limited to providing you with in-game maps, however, and also features handy new tools that make gameplay much more convenient for you.


More than just a map

Voxelmap is more than just a map, however, and one excellent feature included in this mod is the waypoints. These waypoints are relevant to the dimension and multiverse world (if you’re using the plugin), and can change in color if you so wish them to. In certain modes, you can even toggle the functions to allow you to teleport to your waypoint. Voxelmap also offers users a great new radar function, which pairs well with waypoints, and makes navigating that much easier for players.

Varied and functional

Voxelmap, in addition to guiding you, also displays mob and user icons. This is paritucarlly useful when playing on multiplayers servers, and if you choose to, you can also opt for the mod to include helmets and player names. As well as considering other players, however, Voxelmap also considers a number of conditions. It’s cave mode, for example, makes all of the features transferable to underground exploration- which is incredibly convenient for players who enjoy mining over other activities.


The Voxelmap creators also included a few older features in the new versions, which helps reinforce the idea that Zan’s Minimaps is the predecessor to this mod. The Old School Squaremap, for example, displays waypoints and coordinates for ease of navigation.

Ease of installation

Users new to Voxelmap, or those looking to upgrade to the new version, should be aware that later and most recent updates of this mod require LiteLoader. If, for whatever reason, you choose to use the older versions then these simply necessitate Minecraft Forge. Once either of these prerequisites have been installed, you can install this mod as per usual, by dragging the .jar file into your mods folder.

Remember that previous to installing any mod you should, ideally, back up your world to prevent any damages or losses.

VoxelMap Mod Download