Railcraft Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

RailCraft is a great mod for Minecrafters interested in upgrading their rail systems. It’s also a great mod for players who take an interest in trains, or who are generally seeking to boost the aesthetic and function of the transportation systems created throughout their worlds.


Useful and fun

RailCraft Mod is fun for those that enjoy efficiency, and useful because it’s incredibly efficient. One great feature that accompanies this mod is the Redstone Flux Cart, which allows players to transport Redstone from location to location. This nifty little cart also provides a Loader and Unloader to make the task of mounting and dismounting Redstone that much easier.

In terms of usefulness, the RailCraft mod also provides lots of handy tools for your taking. This includes a trusty crowbar, that can help you fix your rail system, as well as a more general Loader/Unloader that will help you transport liquids and a huge variety of items.

A convenient mod

In terms of convenience, this mod is truly without flaw. It provides so many functions that help simplify your rail system, to the degree that using it significantly improves the quality of your gameplay. The Locking Track, for example, helps lock your carts in position. The Elevator Track helps elevate you, rapidly. The Cart Dispenser helps you store your carts, and the Control Track gives you the ability to push your carts in a specific direction- using powered sections of track.


This mod caters to your every need, and also provides an element of fun, by including features such as High Speed Rails (that give you a significant boost in speed) and the Wooden TNT cart that is, quite literally, explosively cool.

Compatible and set to improve

This mod is particularly prone to updates, as it involves transportation, which can be consistently improved upon. Therefore, the current description of its features is likely to change (and improve) in time. The only way for you to keep up with this is, of course, to check the creator page as frequently as is necessary- and to follow any Forge updates.

RailCraft has an API readily available to modders, which means that if you’re interested in tweaking or adding to the mod yourself (perhaps by creating a compatible mod) then you can do this easily. In terms of compatibility, RailCraft doesn’t seem to clash with any particular mod, but it works particularly well alongside Forestry, BuildCraft and other similar mods.

The only prerequisite to this mod is that you install Minecraft Forge. Beyond that, you can simply manually download the mod as usual, by dragging the .jar file in your mods folder.

Railcraft Mod Download