OpenBlocks Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

OpenBlocks Mod, as the name suggests, is a mod that focuses on improving block availability in both vanilla and modded play. However, the mod also adds new items to the game, and generally enhances your Minecraft world. The mod was originally created as an open source feature on GitHub, which means that it’s a very comprehensive mod, altered by a huge number of community members that saw voids in need of filling. OpenBlocks doesn’t really refer to one issue, and focuses more on enhancing gameplay through a huge variety of additions.


Varied and powerful

A defining feature, and a popular reason to download OpenBlocks, is the fact that this mod doesn’t actually have a theme. Unlike other mods which religiously follow a motif, and have corresponding items and blocks, OpenBlocks is simply a random collection of items and add ons designed for your utmost fun and convenience. Therefore, if you choose to download and install this mod, don’t be surprised by the lack of theme.

Instead, you should embrace that the randomness of this mod has led way to great features that significantly enhance your gameplay. For example, the Healer Block. This is a block that when stood on, will heal a user, and upgrade the player’s nutrition points. It allows you to play a little more recklessly, and disregard danger, as you can easily heal yourself using this block.

A practical mod

In addition to fun and daring additions, such as the Healer Block, the OpenBlocks mod also incorporates lots of practical additions into your game. This includes the Vacuum Hopper, which is a bloc that will absorb items and then deliver them to a transport system, such as Tank or Fluiduct. This saves you a lot of time, and can prove particularly useful when building things.


In similar fashion, the Crane Backpack is a very useful item introduced by this mod. It’s a backpack with the main function of moving items around, and moving blocks in particular. It has to be used alongside the Crane Control, however, in order for you experience its true benefits.

Lots of fun

OpenBlocks is a lot of fun for users, and with features such as the Magic Pencil, which make blocks invisible- it can provide lots of fun for those playing on multiplayer servers. In fact, you can apply whatever theme you like to the game, either through making it more sinister or more adventurous. The mod can be used in mod packs, and can also be used in conduction with other mods, for a super impactful gameplay full of cool new features, that distance themselves considerably from vanilla play.

Remember to back up your world previous to installing this mod, as this will prevent any loss or damages, should your mod not install successfully.

OpenBlocks Mod Download