Mystcraft Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

Some of the best mods are those based on other games, and MystCraft prides itself as a mod that incorporates elements of the game Myst into your world of Minecraft. Myst has a huge fanbase, but for those unaware, it’s a game that was first released in the early 90s; and that describes itself as a “graphic adventure puzzle video game”.


New realms

The game Myst is primarily an adventure game, and MystCraft draws on this sense of adventure, by allowing players to create and travel to different dimensions which are named ‘Ages’. However, players can still explore the normal Vanilla dimensions too. One of the greatest things about MystCraft is that you don’t require many tools or items to first begin building your dimensions. In fact, all you really need is paper; glass bottles; a source of leather; a source for ink (such as squids) and a little basic infrastructure items.

New items

You design your new Ages on the Writing Desk. This is essentially a crafting table for dimensions, and it’s a new addition to your Minecraft world. However, there are many other new additions too, including new blocks. One new block is the Book Binder block. These are used to create Descriptive Books, which are a new item provided by MystCraft. The book allow players to reach new Ages, and the blocks allow players to create the books. Another new block is the Ink Mixer. Ink plays an integral role in this mod, and the Mixer essentially allows players to create Linking Panels, which are pages in the Descriptive Book.


Most of the new blocks relate to creating new Ages, but as traveling dimensions is the ultimate goal of this mod, this makes sense to the mod. Some new items also include an Ink Vial and Notebook- again related to the Descriptive Book.

A new game

MystCraft truly revolutionizes your Minecraft world, and makes gameplay feel completely different. It’s a mod recommended for those that enjoy survival and adventure play, although even more Vanilla users may enjoy the opportunity to mix up their conventional world. The mod is known to suffer from a few bugs, although creators and moderators are working to fix these, and many updates have been released in recent times- which have effectively minimized the effects of these bugs.

What’s more, many users report that newer versions of MystCraft make the old Ages more unstable. The reason behind this is unclear, however a solution to this problem is for you to obtain a new copy of the old Age book. This is further reason for you to backup your world prior to installing or updating your mod.

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