iChunUtil Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2

iChunUtil Mod was made specifically for the benefit of iChun mod users. It’s a functional, useful mod that helps organize all of your mods into one pack. Various users have compared it to a library of sorts, that doesn’t add any new content to the game, but instead seeks to organize the information already present in gameplay. It’s worth noting, however, that iChunUtil doesn’t work with other mods- and is designed specifically for iChun content.


A functional mod

iChunUtil is widely considered a ‘parent’ mod that encompasses the Grinder, Streak and Portal mods (as well as many others) all created and released by Minecraft favorite iChun. What iChunUtil does is act as a utility that helps other mods run smoothly, without bugs or errors. Instead of seeking to add new items to your game, it looks to improve the performance of your gameplay, which is valuable nonetheless. This will stop you from encountering any crashes, and will prevent you from losing any unsaved games (although this isn’t a guarantee).

A convenient mod

In addition to improving gameplay, iChunUtil also conveniently packages all of your mods into a single file. This makes it incredibly easy for you to download new iChun mods into your game, as well as for you to access and make any amendments to your current mods. If you had to compare it, iChunUtil would be best compared to Minecraft forge. Although this is a much simpler and less encompassing mod, it was designed with your convenience and ease of use in mind, much like Forge was.


iChunUtil is a shared library, that is almost essential for use on multiplayer servers, so if you’re considering using iChun mods on such servers- then you should definitely download and install this mod.

Easy and quick

Although iChunUtil shares a lot in common with Forge, it’s still many levels below, which means that in order for you to use this mod you must first download Minecraft Forge API. This is the only prerequisite for this mod, and once you’ve downloaded and installed it, you can then continue as normal- by first downloading the utilities mod from a safe and reliable website. You must then install the mod manually, by dragging the .jar file into your mods folder, and then choosing the correct server through Forge.

This mod is primarily recommended for those that enjoy using iChun’s mods, and who are looking to increase their game performance. It’s also strongly suggested that those intending to experiment with iChun mods download this first, as a preemptive measure, to prevent any crashes or errors.

iChunUtil Mod Download