CodeChickenCore Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.11.2

CodeChickenCore Mod is a simple, java library of utilities that is necessary for chicken_bones’ mod users and all of the mods made available by this developer. It basically classifies all of the Chicken mods, which makes it simpler for you to use, without any bugs or crashes. Many mod creators tend to opt for custom loaders to make classifying easier, and to prevent the development of problems. This includes CodeChicken.


Not much of a mod

This mod is great for organizing your Chicken mods, or any other mods made by the creator. However, these are the only mods that can be used by CodeChickenCore, as this utility will not work with other mods made by other creators.

This mod doesn’t really seek to include any tools or features into your gameplay, and doesn’t do much beyond acting as a classification, which means that it can prove slightly underwhelming compared to other mods. In fact, it’s not really a mod to begin with, although you download and install it as such. This library was primarily built for your convenience, and if you treat as such, then you won’t be disappointed.

Great for developers

CodeChickenCore was created with the intention of making functions that would appeal to developers. For example, this mod is useful for those writing in Java, who would like to make their own mods for player usage. However, the creator of CodeChickenCore makes it exceedingly clear that if you use his work- then he would like recognition. Therefore, if you would like to use Core to develop Chicken-based mods, then you should certainly read his license terms.


These include a statement that requests a message from potential developers, before they begin creating their mods. To be safe, it’s definitely recommended that you comply with these terms- in order to prevent any problems from arising in the future.

A mod at its core

At its core, CCC is a mod, so it can be downloaded and installed as such. This means dragon the .jar file into your mods folder, and then booting up your server.

One of the most popular mods created by chicken_bones is Not Enough Items (NEI), and this Core will definitely help you manage the size and number of features available through that mod alone. Ender Storage is another mod created by this creator, which makes this custom loader basically an essential tool in managing in some of your favorite mods.

CodeChickenCore Mod Download